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Starting up Gang of 5 Atlanta (midtown)

Here is a quick and dirty of what Gang of 5 (GO5) is and what we are trying to accomplish.

A Harvard study found that 4.5 people is the optimum group size. So the idea came about to get a group of Start UP companies together once a week to help each other out.

Its AA for Entrepreneurs. We meet once a week usually on Friday mornings at 10 at a coffee shop. We currently have a meet up in dunwoody however I am looking to start one in Midtown. 

Because of the 4.5 number we rounded up to 5. Each week you give your elevator pitch, and give a quick recap of the weeks struggles and successes. We then take two companies and dig deep into their problems for about a hour. We collectively try to help solve them and figure out better business practices.

This is a SELECT GROUP, the same people each week and you need to be able to commit the time to for the group.